Thursday, July 28, 2011

Try a Session

Session players joined sessionguitarist and I believe all serious musicians need Session skills to master music.

SessionGuitarist skills (often referred to as session players) need to have a verity of skills. They should be good at playing different styles of music. They need to be flexible with both acoustic and electric styles of playing. Being a good site reader is essential and is put into practice frequently. Book a sessionguitarist and see Session dexterity and see why Session musicians are so respected by so many different people worldwide.

A point which I stress frequently is there is a considerable amount of time which goes into making someone become a Improvisation sessionguitarist master and daily practice is certainly included. If you want to be creative and make piercing improvisation solos like the one played by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour who is a session player on the track called “another brick in the wall” Time and patience is needed as well as identifying your weak points and working on bettering them, this will reward you.

A little bit of extra work? Yes. But session-guitarist who wants to scoop up all the work which pays the most money will need to know Improvisation techniques which supersede their competitors. My goal, will always be to become a better sessionguitarist.